who is jacque whaumbush?


As Chief Deputy Sheriff, Jacque Whaumbush Jr. was responsible for management, operational planning, development and implementation of office policy, and oversaw all procedures for the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office for over five years. He also was responsible for implementing a Homeland Security Unit, whose major responsibility was courtroom security and evacuation. As a civil servant, Jacque practiced responsible fiscal government, formulated policies, oversaw a budget of over $12 million dollars, secured and negotiated government contracts and bid processes, and administered over 263 employees.  

Alumni of Temple University, Jacque also received certifications from Harvard University, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Center of Domestic Preparedness, Texas University System, and National Nuclear Security Administration. He is a member of the National Association of Police Chiefs, International Counter Terrorism Association, NAACP, National Press Club, Pennsylvania Society, Martin Luther King Trustee Board, and more. As a civic leader, community activist, and alliance builder, Jacque Whaumbush Jr. is dedicated to public service and making equality a reality in the lives of the under served. 

As a legacy democrat and with an over 30 years commitment to active membership in the democratic party, Jacque has a strong history of demonstrating and perpetuating democratic values. He has vetted, mentored, and nominated candidates, circulated petitions, and provided financial support. 

Jacque is the Co-Chair of the Democratic National Committee's African American Leadership Council, former President of the Philadelphia Young Democrats, and as an elected member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, Jacque was priveleged to Chair the Black Caucas. 

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